Lamiez Holworthy
Lamiez Holworthy

Black girls didn’t come here to play, and DJ Lamiez is proof of that! Lamiez Holworthy is a famous South African Dj. However, she also happens to be a presenter. Before she spread her wings into the disk jockey industry Lamiez was a presenter. She is best known for her performances on Mzansi’s most-watched music show, Live Amp.

The show deals with the music industry but is mainly known for their fire performances by different artists that they invite week in week out. For Lamiez to be a part of such a great and open production opened many doors for her.

Having had a successful run on the show for a few good years, she decided it was time to grow. That is when she moved to the djing field. Since she was a little girl, she has been obsessed with music and making people dance. Her moving onto being a Dj was a simple transition. She is a great Dj, and her sets are entirely out of this world.

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Her fashion sense is out of this world

Another thing that people love about Lamiez is her fashion sense. She does not dress like a typical celebrity or anyone that has money. Instead, she stays true to herself. Her style is out of this world and impeccable.

She is on the classic side but also very kasi. She manages to bring classy and kasi all in one looks and makes it look amazing. Lamiez is one of the most beautiful Dj’s this country has ever had, inside and out.

Lamiez is married to the famous Khuli Chana

Unfortunately, you might have it all, and for some people, it will just never be good enough. Lamiez has to deal with many media trolls precisely because they think her body is “good enough”, but she never lets any of that get to her, and she always stands up for herself.

She also revealed that she would never stop wearing what she wants because trolls feel she is not good enough or something does not look good on her body.

Lamiez is the wife of Khuli Chana, the famous rapper. The two are a match made in heaven. She recently made her childhood dreams come true when she bought herself a V-Class!