Meikie and Babeile related?

Apart from their striking similarities, they also share the same surname. Against this backdrop, the two have been rumoured to be husband and wife. How far could this be?

Is Skeem Saam’s Meikie and Babeile related? Of late, they have been rumoured to be related, and we were even convinced, given their on-screen connection and bond. Their striking similarities have got Mzansi talking.

Could it be possible that Skeem Saam actress Meikie Maputla character, played by Harriet Manamela, is related to a fellow cast member, Babeile character played by Mathews Manamela?

We have seen several actors who share last names but are not related in recent years. However, it seems to be just a mare rumoured fueled by their surnames in the mix of things.

In the wake of these daring allegations, we have connected the dots and fixed the puzzle regarding their rumoured relation.

Undoubtedly, Skeem Saam won’t be the same after the actress bid farewell to her villainous character, Meikie Maputla.

The legendary actress who just bowed out of Skeem Saam through a jail sentence was born on13 October 1971, in Diepkloof, Soweto, South Africa.

Her husband happens to be a South African politician who serves as the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology and Higher Education. However, according to several sources, the actress is married to Buti Manamela.

On the other hand, Mathews Manamela is a celebrated South African actor best known for his on-screen character as sergeant Babeile. The actor made all sorts of headlines when he solved one of the biggest on-screen cases of the year. Yes, he single-handedly connected the dots to the Kelebogile Kgomos murder case.

Mzansi was wowed with his unmatched flair and talent that prompted a protest for his on-screen promotion as the captain of Turfloop police station.

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However, the actor has kept his private life under wraps of late in the mix of things. Little is known about his family, lifestyle and all besides his on-screen character. Mzansi has gone in length to dive into his private life but has hit a dead end.