Nqobile Ndlovu

Even though Nqobile Ndlovu is a Chemical Engineer in real life, she has made her name acting. To make it an actress in the South African entertainment industry, Nqobile Ndlovu had to lie and be sneaky. She had a passion for making it as an actress, and she did not let anyone stop her, including her family.

When she was in High School, Nqobile Ndlovu realised that she wanted to pursue acting and perform as a career. Her parents were against the idea of letting her pursue that career as they wanted her to study for a Science degree. She enrolled at the University of South Africa to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering. Though she is a qualified Engineer, Nqobile has never practised as she pursued her acting career.

At first, she would skip her classes to get to auditions. When she tried out for Uzalo, she lied to her mother that she was going on a trip for school purposes. She went through the hustle of commuting and changing taxis several times to get herself at the venue. Luck was on her side as she got a role in the SABC 1 hit series Uzalo as a choir member. That was the role that marked the start of her career in the entertainment industry.

Imbewu-The Seed actress Nqobile Ndlovu’s acting career

In 2016 when she heard about the auditions of roles on Ingozi, she tried out and landed the role of Nobuhle. After she got the role, she felt free to talk with her mother and confess to her about the career path she had chosen for herself despite her qualifications as an engineer.

Her most significant role on TV came in 2018 when she landed a role in the etv hit drama series Imbewu the seed. She landed the role of Khanyo, Phakadhe and KaMadonsela’s daughter, a qualified pastor and helped her father lead their church. Her character in the series has faced many trials and problems as she killed Nqobile by mistake and had to face the consequences of that both in conscience and at church.