Ari Lennox MacG

American radio host Charlamagne tha God has weighed on the debate and believes the South African podcast host should be supported other than cancelled. He thinks the interview will help learn and do better.

“I love to watch young media personalities attempting to figure it out, and one thing I won’t do is to judge ,” Charlamagne said.

“I cannot judge because I was at one point a MacG. This is a teachable moment for media personalities. So I would rather counsel him instead of cancelling him. I did not hear the whole context of the question, but I just heard that part,” he continued.

“It is not what you say but how you say it. As a forty-two-year-old man, I would rather have the woman in the room ask the question,” the radio personality said. But If it is about something she sang in the song, it’s fair game, but the delivery still has to be correct.

Charlamagne corrected the notion that MacG used Ari’s lyrics against her. He thinks the Podcast and Chill founder used the wrong lyrics, but he was not far away from being right. “If you love me, I will F you good,” reads part of ’s song lyrics.

Co-Host Angela Yee concurred with Charlamagne that MaG should have first reminded about the lyrics in his songs before asking her if she does the same in real life.

“I would have said, look, in your song, you said this, and in real life is, it what’s happening?” Yee weighed in.

Charlamagne went on, “The first thing he should have done was to ask her about the record he was about to reference, the Pop record and then talk about the topic. But she asked the part to be removed from the interview, and they did not remove it, so that’s another problem.”

Angela Lee added, “If she felt uncomfortable, then she thought it, and you can’t tell her anything different.

“You can’t expect her to react like that in real-time. People think about things later, and people react differently,” Charlamagne said.

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