How To Get A South African Passport
South African Passport

How to apply for your South African Passport

How To Get A South African Passport. In September, the Department of Home Affairs announced how they are changing how to get a South African passport. It is an ambitious undertaking but it will enable South Africans to apply for passports at one of our local banks.

The Department have teamed up with most of South Africa’s major banks already. This month, the project was rolled out at selected Nedbank branches.

This plan expands Home Affairs’ footprint and will hopefully minimise queues at Home Affairs branches.

However until such time as it is possible for South Africans to walk into any bank to apply for their passport, it will still be necessary to brave the queues at Home Affairs.

How to get a South African passport at a Home Affairs branch

To get a South African passport, or travel document, you must have a South African identity document (ID). This is for anyone over the age of 16 years.

Should you not have a South African ID, you must obtain that document before applying for your passport.

If you do have an ID, this is how to get a South African passport:

  • Complete form DHA-73. This form is available at Home Affairs offices.
  • Submit the DHA-73 form. Applications made within South African borders can be submitted at any Home Affairs office.
  • Applications from overseas can be submitted at South African embassies or missions.
  • Have your fingerprints and biometric details taken by a Home Affairs officials.
  • Take two identical colour passport photographs, not more than one month old.

Once issued, your passport will be valid for 10 years. You will notified by the Department of Home Affairs when the document is ready for collection.

Check that your passport includes all of the following information:

  • Your photo.
  • The issuing country.
  • Passport number.
  • Your given names and surname.
  • Your nationality.
  • Your gender.
  • Your birth date.
  • Your place of birth.
  • The date on which the passport was issued.
  • The passport’s expiry date.
  • The issuing authority.

To find a Home Affairs office close to you, visit the Home Affairs website and click on the ‘DHA Office Locator’ button on the right-hand side of the page.

Keeping up to date with developments

For further updates on how to get a South African passport with the new option of going into a bank, keep an eye on our blog. This is understandably an exciting development, as it will hopefully streamline the application process for a South African passport. We will update our information when new information is shared with us.

We answer all your other frequently asked questions (FAQs) aboutHow To Get A South African Passport

How can a foreigner get a South African passport?

You can apply for South African citizenship through naturalisation if you have held a permanent residence permit for at least 5 years if you have married a South African, or you are a minor under 21 years with a permanent residence

How long does it take to get a South African passport?

It will take about 7-21 working days to process the application and issue the passport. The tourist passport is valid for 10 years. Note: Passports must be valid for at least 30 days after the intended date of departure. Passports should also have at least 2 blank pages for entry stamps.

How much does a South African passport cost?

List of Tariffs as of 01 April 2013

First application for Tourist PassportR400.00
Re-apply for passport with 3 pages left – must bring passportR400.00
Re-apply for passport with 3 pages left – but passport is lostR800.00
First time application for Maxi Tourist PassportR600.00

Can I apply for a South African passport online?

South African citizens can apply via the eHomeAffairs website. Please note, you will need internet banking to proceed with your online passport application. Applicants will have to go to a Home Affairs branch to capture their biometrics and collect their passport

Is Home Affairs open during lockdown?

Refugee reception offices remain closed. However, permits issued lawfully, and expired during the lockdown, would be deemed to be valid until 31 July 2020. No visa or permitting functions will be open in SA and at Missions abroad during level 3 lockdown.

Who qualifies for a South African passport?

They are issued only to SA citizens aged 16 years or older. The documents are valid for 10 years and are not renewable. Once the validity period of a passport expires you will have to submit a new application for a passport.

Can you apply for a South African passport at the bank?

The E-Home Affairs system was launched in 2016 and lets South Africans apply and pay for their card or a passport on the Home Affairs website. Applicants can then collect their card or passport at a Home Affairs office or the nearest supported bankbranch that offers a Home Affairs Live Capture Service

Does South Africa allow dual citizenship?

Yes, it is possible for a South African Citizen to hold dual citizenship (be a citizen of more than one country). However, in order to make this possible a South AfricanCitizen aged 18 years or older must apply to the Department of Home Affairs for the retention of their citizenship.

Can a permanent resident get a South African passport?

As a permanent resident, you have most of the rights and responsibilities of a South African citizen. You will not be able to obtain a South African passport nor be able to vote in South African government elections. … After receiving your permanent residence certificate, you are obliged to apply for a SA Identity Card.

How much does a South African passport cost in 2021?

The document contains 48 pages to provide for more visa pages. It is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. Time-frame: Takes about 10 days to process. Cost: R140 to process, but you will need to pay an additional R400 to get your proper tourist passport when you return

Can I get my passport in 2 days?

If you need your passport for urgent international travel in the next 2 days, please make an appointment at a passport agency or center. If you are only applying for a passport card, They will send it to you via First Class Mail.