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Business Licence application

Business Licence Application In South Africa. 

A business license allows you to establish a particular business in a specified area. The license also ensures that your business and the business premises meet all of the building regulations, public safety and health requirements. Trading without a valid license is a punishable offense.

Legislation requires that certain types of businesses be in possession of a valid business or trade license. This can include businesses like a restaurant, coffee shop, a tavern or a health and wellness spa. Because a trade license is not a requirement for every new business, it can be easy to fall on the wrong side of the law even before you start seeing profits.

Which businesses need trade licenses? 

Most new businesses will not require a business license, but there are certain types of businesses that may not trade without a proper trade license, according to the Business Act 71 of 1991 that governs it. These include:– Health clinics, spas, saunas, and public baths
– Massage parlors, laser and ultraviolet treatment centres
– Escort agencies
– Adult shops
– Cinemas
– Nightclubs
– Pool rooms
– Arcades
– Any business with three or more vending or slot machines
– Hawkers
– Places that serve food, provide take-aways or transport meals

how do i apply for a business license in south africa

Step 1: Download and complete the Business Licence Application form, which you can find in the document downloads section below.

Step 2: The following completed forms may be required when applying for a non-hawker business licence:

  • A  Land Use Clearance Certificate.
  • A Population and Clearance Certificate which is obtained after a fire inspection.
  • A copy of an approved building plan of the interior of the premises.
  • A Certificate of Occupancy.
  • An application for a Certificate of Acceptability.

When you are applying for a health and entertainment license, a SAPS Clearance Certificate will be required. This can be applied for at your nearest SAPS station.

For adult film business operations, please include a clearance issued by the Film & Publications Board.

You will also need:

  • a certified copy of the business owner’s ID
  • a certified copy of the managing director or main staff member’s ID

Step 3: Hand your documents into the nearest Environmental Health Office. You will be issued with a printed instruction to make a cash payment for the licence.

Step 4: Visit any of our cash offices to make the payment.

Step 5: Take the receipt from that payment back to the Environmental Health Office. Your information will then be captured electronically and submitted, along with your forms, to the relevant parties for comment.

Step 6: Once the comment has been provided, we will contact you about whether or not your application was accepted or rejected.

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