From the beginning of the show, Molefe has always done things that get him into trouble. His weakness for married women made him move in with his sister and her family after the hood where he stayed became dangerous because he pissed off the wrong people. Serial self-sabotaging Molefe’s Chisanyama business downfall.

When House of Zwide premiered back in July, we met Molefe as Rea Molapo’s little brother, who always gets in trouble. He was chased away from where he lived after being caught redhanded in bed with a married woman. The worst part was that the woman was married to a dangerous thug who made it his mission to kill Molefe.

Bra Isaac, who is his brother-in-law, saved him from that pending slaughter using his ex-gangster contacts. He then took him in to live with his family, hoping that he would change. His fame as a man who had a soft spot for married women followed him to the new life that he was trying to build.

How Molefe sabotaged his Chisanyama business partnership with Ronald

As a way of helping his ex-girlfriend Nomsa land a client for a wedding dress, he met Gugu and charmed her. The charming went too far, and Gugu fell for Molefe. She threatened to cancel the wedding, and that’s when he realized that she was another dangerous local gangster’s sister. The issue was revolved, but for Gugu, the feelings were still there.

As if fate had it in for Molefe, he found a potential investor who turned out to be Gugu’s husband. The woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer threatened Molefe with the idea of not giving him the capital he needed for his business if he did not sleep with her. The two had an affair under the rudder, and Soka discovered it, and in today’s episode, even Ronald, who is Gugu’s husband, has discovered it too. Molefe has gone too far this time as he will ruin relationships with good people who helped and loved him.


When Ronald confronts Molefe and gets to know the truth, these are all the relationships we predict are going to be ruined:

  • Ronald will stop his partnership with Molefe and ask for his capital back
  • Gugu’s brother Bra Carter will start a war with Molefe and probably try to kill him
  • Nomsa will never forgive Molefe or take him back again
  • Bra Isaac will throw Molefe out for lying to him and putting his family in danger.