Tebogo Thobejane
Tebogo Thobejane

Tebogo Thobejane is one of the high earning media personalities in the country. She is an actress, model, entrepreneur, and podcaster. This is a controversial woman mostly because she hasn’t followed societal norms to shape or dictate how she leads her life.

She rose to social media popularity when she befriended Faith Nketsi and gained more social media followers during that friendship. Many people see her as an upmarket slay queen, but Tebogo Thobejane has proven to be a hustler and a go-getter. The Muvhango actress is also a mother to a teenage boy joining his mother to be in the limelight.


She initially worked at X-factor as a booker to sustain herself. Tebogo worked hard as a club hostess and brand influencer to gain more social media followers. She also opened several businesses like Feline looks, Feline Management and Bofa belts.

Bofa Belts is still an operational business. When she was working as a hostess, she shared that she was aspiring to be an actress, but some mocked her because they thought she was just a doll. 

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Tebogo surprised South Africans when she landed a role on Muvhango as Belinda’s wedding planner. What shocked most people was how she perfected the craft even after speculating that she got the part because of her big butt. Last year, the actress also opened an Onlyfans account and reported that she made R200 000 per month from it and that is a lot of money.

Tebogo Thobekane’s monthly income estimation

Bofa Belts does not seem to generate a lot of money because she doesn’t promote it as much as her other avenues of making money. On Muvhango, she makes from R30k to R45k; on Only. fans, she makes an estimated R100k per month, which could be more.

As a club hostess who gets booked by clubs outside the country, she makes R10k to R20k per appearance. She recently joined as a presenter for a sub show called City Girls; this could earn her R20k to R30k per month. With everything calculated, Tebogo Thobejane could be taking home R250 000 per month before expenses.

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