Kabza De Small
Kabza De Small

Kabza De Small is one of the best Amapiano producers in the country. Over the previous three years, he had been winning big and making headlines while producing several excellent tracks.

Kabza was the most nominated artist at the South African Music Awards (Sama27) and took home the award for Male Artist of the Year. The 29-year-old DJ is making millions from music and living a comfortable life.

The Adiwele hitmaker is a cheerful soul who enjoys dancing, drinking beer, and even smoking. Many followers equated his social behavior with being unfocused. The self-proclaimed Amapiano King is the polar opposite of the persona he presented to the world.

Kabza is a very focused man with success across a portfolio of investments in real life.

Kabza De Small’s business empire

It is clear to Kabza that he must invest in his main music business before anything else. As a result, he started his record label called Piano Hub. Top producers and artists like Young Stunna and Mdu Trp joined the record label making it one of the best Amapiano labels.

Kabza also ventured into fashion with longtime friend and business partner DJ Maphorisa. The duo introduced the Scorpion Kings Live Merch when they hosted the Sun Arena Concert in 2020. The merchandise grows as they bring the t-shirt, hats, and scuffs wherever they host.

Recently Kabza shared an Instagram video saying, “I am on my way up”. The famous DJ grew up in an averagely low-income family, and this has helped him to be able to remain grounded even when his empire is flourishing. Sources say that he is running a portfolio of investments that he keeps private, and he consistently portrays the wrong perceptions to the public.