has done it again. He has struck a deal with fast-food giant Chicken Licken in creating a trending advertisement that has become the talk of the country.

rides on his reputation.

 is well known for his awkward drawings. He is terrible at drawing that it has become his Modus Operandi. His fans have accepted his lack of talent, and they enjoy being shocked every time draws someone.

The Zimbabwe-born artist usually draws famous deceased people. He recently drew Desmond Tutu, Winnie Man0dela and F. W. de Klerk.

He travelled to the Cathedral Church in Cape Town to pay his last respects to Desmond Tutu. He was pictured with Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla and his wife.

He also travelled to Cape Town to deliver his drawing of former President F.W. De Klerk. He drew the famous picture as he held hands with former President Nelson Mandela.

The Chicken Licken advert

In a significant development in his controversial career, Rasta is monetising his talent. His fans are happy that his hard work is finally paying off.

In the Chicken Licken commercial, the police officer contemplates hiring Rasta to draw images of criminals as described by their victims. He held his sketch artist CV and imaged how he could perform at his job.

Rasta’s first attempt at drawing a criminal wearing a yellow hat ends in disaster. As his drawing is unclear, the police are misled into arresting innocent civilians wearing yellow hats.

Rasta’s luck finally runs out as he attempts to draw a tattooed criminal but mistakenly makes the criminal look like the officer in charge, causing the police boss’ arrest.

The commercial has received a lot of traction and resulted in Chicken Licken trending on social media the whole day. Roasted chicken lovers have challenged Nandos to come up with a better commercial.

Watch Rasta’s Chicken Licken ad below.