MacG apologises to Ari Lennox

In episode 318 on the famous Podcast and Chill, MacG interviewed United States-based singer Ari Lennox. It was a highly anticipated interview as most of the guests on the podcasts are indeed South African nationals.

Having an international face on the show sort of validated the show to be globally worthy. MacG asked for an offensive to Ari during the interview, and she did not react well to it. After the show, she asked him to remove the particular snippet out, and he didn’t.

Vulgar question

Just after greeting one another and the usual welcoming to the show. MacG asked Ari Lennox, “Is there someone f**king you good right now?” Immediately after the question, she looked startled and asked why he’d ask her that. MacG said he heard those lyrics from one side of her singles. Ari was disappointed but later replied and said she was focused on her work.

Ari Lennox reacted after the interview.

According to Ari’s words, she asked MacG to remove that part of the interview but, it was still a part of the show. After the interview, she went to Twitter and tweeted that she was done with men. She then aired out her frustration on Twitter but asked people not to feel sorry for her, as she was exhausted from that narrative.

The Twar between American and Mzansi Twitter

Americans jumped on to that story and questioned why she’d agree to interview with a random South African. Mzansi’s black Twitter was livid and told Americans MacG was not accidental. MacG’s Podcast and Chill is one of the top 5 ranking podcasts globally.

Mzansi is on Ari’s red list, and MacG apologises.

Ari put Mzansi on her red list due to all of this drama and said, she’ll never set foot in the country. Yesterday, MacG did the unexpected and apologized to the singer. He previously admitted that he didn’t air our people’s dirty laundry for ratings. Mzansi was proud of him for the move, and he earned himself a lot of commands online.

Watch MacG apologise to Ari Lennox below: