Israel Matseke-Zulu
Israel Matseke-Zulu

Gomora viewers are happy about the removal of Israel Zulu’s character. For the first time since the telenovela began, the viewers were complaining about Gomora being boring. Nobody ever thought it would get to a point where people are literally over the show at the rate the show was going. Viewers even went as far as threatening to stop watching the show. It is one of South Africa’s best telenovela’s ever to be created. I mean, the show has bagged so many awards, and it’s been what? A year since the show began.

Gomora Fans Were Not Happy On Twitter

The show has been catching significant smoke on social media for the last two weeks, especially on Twitter. We all know that Twitter people never run out of stuff to talk about and never miss their opportunity to give what they deem “constructive criticism”. However, one continues to wonder if it’s still pushing the other party to do better or plain mean behaviour all covered up in the name of supposedly “constructive” criticism.

Reason Why Viewers Were Particularly Annoyed By DON

The viewers claimed the show was becoming overrated and the storyline a bit dull and annoying. One particular character the viewers could not seem to stand was Israel Matseke-Zulu. He played the role of Don on the show, and as much as everyone was excited at first about him joining the cast, it seems as if people bit off way more than they could chew. Everyone knew he would play the role of a loud character and finds joy in intimidating other people. He is known and loved by his fans, but this time the directors and producers were forcing his character on people.

The viewers said that Don’s storyline was boring, and they just wanted his character to die. Viewers claimed the storyline revolving around Don was dragged on for too long. Many of them said that they miss Mam’Sonto and they want her back. She was the real gangster, and Don just isn’t giving what they think he is giving.

Gomora Fans Happy About The Death Of Israel Matseke-Zulu’s Character

We all know about the entertainment industry that it’s good to listen to viewers; they are the people watching and if they can’t stand something, remove it! The customer is always right at the end of the day.

And that is what the writers did, and they chose to listen to the viewers and give them what they wanted. They killed off the Don character. Although Israel is one of the best actors to ever come out of this country, he was not shining this time. Viewers were so thrilled about the latest episodes, and many of them said they would start watching it again.