Gomora actor Phumlani ‘Buyile Mdladla’s net worth

A Rich Man of God; Gomora actor Phumlani ‘Buyile Mdladla’s net worth revealed and impressed Mzansi.

Pastor, actor Buyile Mdladla plays the role of Phumlani on Mzansi Magic telenovela, Gomora. He is Mbongeni Ndaba’s young brother who reappears to set Thathi’s world on fire, a death messenger and harm those who stand in his way.

Buyile quickly become a character fans love to hate; his cunning character and non-selective wrath make him a danger to himself and society. Quickly set a reputation of violence and slashing money, Phumlani gives Gomora fans a question of what he wants and from who?

Phumlani on Gomora

What does Phumlani want? And what’s his source of income? Referred to by MaSonto as Mbongeni’s dumb brother, he reappeared as a wealthy man in Thathi’s life. He stays in a fancy house and splashes money around his niece Buhle, a move to capture Thathi’s attention. Phumlani comes to Gomora for Thathi, his late brother’s widow, whom he has affection for. After gathering recent information about Thathi’s love life from Bongani Shisanyama, who revealed her current relationship with childhood lover Principal Melusi Dlamini.

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Phumlani pays Melusi a visit to Gomora High School, where he introduced himself as Buhle Ndaba’s father; flexing his financial muscle, he donated computers and funds to the school. Subsequently, Phumlani befriends Melusi, a move to eliminate him without suspicion.

 A resented charmer 

Phumlani has had MaSonto and Molefe family fooled into believing he is a calm and composed gentleman. Despite being a charmer appreciated by everyone around him, Thathi persists against dating him, a move regarded as morally wrong. Will he get to Thathi’s heart? Phumlani is a mystery in the Gomora storyline; only time will reveal his mission.

Buyile Mdladla in real life, divorce

Before giving his life to Christ, Buyile Mdladla hogged the headlines for wrong reasons; in 2010, the then Generations star went through an ugly public divorce. While speaking to Drum Magazine, his wife, Carol Mdladla, revealed that Buyile was involved in an affair with the fellow co-actress and had a gun pointed at him by the lover’s husband.

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She further claimed that their marriage was abusive and physically abused with a belt soon after birth. Carol quits the union after eight years of abuse at Buyile Mdladla’shands. In September 2012, Kimberleigh Khune, an aspiring actress and model, was sexually abused by Buyile on Facebook after an attempt to connect with one of her role models.

Phumlani on Gomora – Pastor Buyile Mdladla’s church and net worth

Despite all the mistakes and shortcomings it took a man to accept and reform, Buyile Mdladla turned a new leaf in his life and gave his life to Christ. Ever since repenting, he never looked back till today, where he is an ordained Pastor and founder of Redemption Ministries International Church with his wife, Pastor Gomoditswe Mdladla.

His church, Redemption Ministries International is based in Midrand and is Pastor Mdladla’s primary source of income. His wife, Pastor Gomoditswe Mdladla, owns and runs many successful businesses and is invested in Real Estate, Farming and Retail; their net worth in 2022 is valued at R 245 million

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Video: Phumlani on Spitori with Jackie 


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