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Last time on Generations The Legacy, we were in this dramatic world Kabisi had blown a gasket due to Ayanda taking an interview with Pamela to expose what was removed from the minutes of that dreadful board meeting.

Kabisi would have done anything to hide them, but disrespecting Ayanda made her decide to use her powers as a boss at hashtag Ezweni. We all know that Nkosiyabo is the catalyst to all of this. He is on the rampage and enjoys the misery he is giving Kabisi. Mazwi gave Sphe the advice to provide Nkosi with the rules; will he listen?

Mrs Sibisi shows up to see Mandla, and Dali raises a red flag. He detects a problem from a distance. Dali is investigating Mandla and even sent his partner to the Cape to find out more.

Generations The Legacy: Monday 10 January 2022

Let’s check out what happens on Monday.

Lucy shocked Cosmo by double-crossing him to get the kiosk, and she was willing to break all the rules. Even Mbali doesn’t believe how Lucy could stoop so low.So it looks like the family is also wary of Lucy’s ways, and they stick together to give her a hard lesson. I wonder what it is.

Lerumo has reached his threshold and is now straight-up threatening Mandala’s loved ones. We know he has his goons tailing her and is trying to find out the nature of their relationship.

Ayanda has grown close to her father, and she asked him to walk her down the aisle. Now that gives Lerumo possible insurance in case Mandla doesn’t deliver.Dali gets kidnapped.

It looks like we are looking forward to another exciting week in this story.

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