Generations The Legacy on Friday 7 January 2022

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Nontle was devastated by the comments made in her Podcast. Nontle must understand that not everyone will respond positively to what she does. Seriously. Grow up.

Lucy always uses their businesses to clean dirty money, and she doesn’t listen to anyone who tells her differently. Especially Cosmo. Cosmo is shocked at the low levels Lucy is willing to go to get her shares and a piece of the pie. This is why it’s surprising that Cosmo hasn’t gotten used to Lucy by now.

Mandala’s skill knows no bounds, he is a snake in the grass and he times his target very well and strikes at the right time, and it doesn’t matter who catches his venom. Maybe things will be different in 2022, and the snake will be trapped. Ayanda is still very much ignorant of how dangerous her father is.

On the Friday edition of Generations The Legacy on Friday 7 January 2022

Nkosi is troublesome, and he is enjoying how much he is tormenting his enemies.

He is coming straight into his own. Nkosi has already made Pamela Khoza write an unfavourable article against her bosses. Now, that takes skill, and it looks like he got plenty of it. It seems like Kabisi needs to pay more attention because Nkosi is always one step or two forward.

Mazwi shows Sphe that she has some imperative but tough decisions to make. I’d say this is part of it, looking at how Mazwi responded to Nkosi’s hand in the embarrassing article Pamela published. There could be more; I mean, her relationship with Luyolo is also slowly going under. Sphe takes Mazwis advice seriously, so whatever it is about, we shall see.

Dali smells a rat when Mrs Sibisi appears all of a sudden. He knows something is up. This has Mandla written all over it.

Let’s find out if this is true on today’s episode of Generations The Legacy at 20h00 on SABC1