Pamela Khoza’s snake photoshoot

In Pictures, Generations The Legacy actress Pamela Khoza’s snake photoshoot gets Mzansi disturbed.

Actress Zola Nombona who plays the role of Pamela Khoza on Generations The Legacy, has Mzansi disturbed with her recent snake photoshoot images. Calm and composed, donning white outfits, Zola had frightening interactions with the dangerous reptiles. Her photos, shot by 72 photography, Zola’s snake images scared her celebrity friends who feared for her life.

Pictures Zola Nombona snake photoshoot

The Black Mamba

Pamela Khoza on Generations The Legacy

On Generations The Legacy, Pamela role is a journalist and wife of the late Siyanda Khoza. She joined the Generations cast to bring controversy and excitement; headhunted by Tshidi, Pamela was employed by #Ezweni and got fried after exposing Kabisi.

She lost her husband in unclear circumstances, though the police identified it as suicide, Pamela was convinced that her husband was murdered and went on a dangerous fact-finding mission. After so many confrontations, Pamela calmed down and came to terms with her husband’s death.

Zola Nombona in real life and family

Despite losing onscreen, Zola is a winner in real life, a bubbly mother of one and wife to actor and producer Thomas Gumede. Born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, the twenty-nine-year actress attended Victoria Girls’ High School in Grahamstown before pursuing the trade at Wits University, where she holds an Honours degree in Dramatic Arts

She made her breakthrough in the film industry when she played a role on Intersections, an HIV and AIDS themed drama series in 2013. Zola Nombona went on to play the role of Monde on Lockdown, a prison-themed drama series. Before scoring the Generations The Legacy gig, she played Zolike on Isono, premiered on BET Africa.