Gadaffi Vuyo Dabula
Vuyo Dabula

Known Popularly as Gadaffi from Generations The Legacy, Vuyo Dabula has been accused of lying and cheating with many trans women. A famous Instagram trans baddie Demi came forward and dropped all the tea on her Instagram live. Her Instagram handle is d.thedoll. She has a massive following on social media, and no one knows what came over her, but she decided it would be a good idea to out this particular celeb. Vuyo is an actor, bodybuilder and model. Vuyo has been in the industry since 2003; he was born on the 11th of September 1976.

Many people came to Vuyo’s defence and said that the trans woman had no proper outing him like that. Indeed, you cannot find out someone; they have to come out of the closet themselves. According to the South African Constitution, this is a violation of his rights, and Vuyo could seriously slap her with a significant lawsuit. Vuyo has not said anything or come forward to defend himself.

What Did She Say When She  Exposed Gadaffi?

Demi claims that she had an encounter with the famous Vuyo Dabula, and other trans women have come forward and said that Vuyo has already been with half of their community. She also said that she found it particularly strange that Vuyo is stingy; she said most celebrities give her money to keep quiet to not out them, but he didn’t do that. Is that why she made an Instagram live about her experience with him? Was it because Vuyo gave her little money?

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The Twisted Part Of The Story: Married Vuyo Dabula cheating with many trans women

The twisted part of this entire story, you may ask? Vuyo Dabula is married. This is a very convoluted story; others are on his side and say he can do what he wants without telling other people what they do with him simply because he is a celebrity, but others are not. When you look at it from a marriage point of view and ethics and all, it is quite a questionable thing to do to someone you chose to spend the rest of your life with and promised to be a better man to each day.

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