On the last episode of Uzalo

Mondli had his work cut out for him as the drug criminals are always slippery to catch. Someone ends up in jail.

Gabisile’s nightmares are becoming more of a reality. She doesn’t appreciate the attention Nkunzi is giving Tina certain Ndoni.

Mbatha learns the hard way of just how the two shlobo ladies operate. They will take vigorous measures against him too. Mbatha is always learning hard lessons, and it’s because he doesn’t listen. These two ladies have already told him they don’t want him meddling in their affairs. The reason for this is that he always messed up everything he touched.

Uzalo on Friday 7 January 2022: Episode 221

What awaits us on the next episode. Gabisile finds Nkunzi and Ndoni in bed together. This is a disaster for Gabi, who wants Ndoni out and tries everything to happen. Only the next episode can solve that question, and we have to wait for now.

Mastermind needs to get to Khathide and do some tricks to do it from inside. We have to see if his ways end up working. Khathide has been nothing but a small rebel without a cause. He did say he needed love, though, so maybe Master giving him some will calm the animal down.

Mamlambo faces her enemy, and it is a dire sight. She needs it after weeks of facing death at the hands of a crazy drug dealer. Can she catch a little break already?

The year started with a bang KwaMashu, and we are here for all of it. Mastermind coming back, Nkunzi falling for Phillippe’s wife and causing anguish to Gabi. Khathide is trying to be the kingpin, Sbu winning Hlelo back. All these happened in the space of one week.

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