Dineo Langa
Dineo Langa

Dineo might easily have gotten a head start in the entertainment world if she had wanted to. The actress aspired to fame and money on her own merits, not as a result of her mother’s influence. Dineo Langa took her schooling seriously as a result, and she is easily one of the most educated actresses in the industry. She is not only attractive, but she is also intelligent.

Langa’s mother used to be a well-known radio presenter. Dineo was bitten by the bug and decided to pursue a career in the entertainment sector. Rather than taking quick cuts in the field, the actor continued her education.

After Matric, she got a degree from the National School of Arts in Braamfontein. After that, she went to New York, pursuing a degree in Jazz and Contemporary music.

Dineo went on to work as an actress, TV host, and singer after finishing her schooling. Her job as the host of the O Access Show gave her a big break in the profession. On Channel O, the show is a magazine-related programming. She is most known for her performance as Kea in The Queen, in which she played the daughter of veteran actress Connie Ferguson. Fans were heartbroken when she was unexpectedly booted from the show after requesting time off to shoot a feature.

Dineo Langa’s education qualifications stun Mzansi

Despite the fact that she left the Ferguson production two years ago, many fans still refer to her as Kea. Dineo has appeared in a number of other TV shows, including Scandal, Jacob’s Cross, and My Perfect Family. She’s also appeared in a few reality TV shows. In 2011, the actress hosted Big Brother and had the opportunity to appear on the Grammy Awards red carpet for Channel O.

One would never tell from looking at Langa now that she had bodily troubles in the past. Because she was plus size, she was ridiculed and body humiliated. But, determined to alter her fortunes, the actress went to the gym and dropped weight in order to get her dream body. Now Dineo can be termed one of the sexiest women in Mzansi’s entertainment industry. She is one of the most educated as well.

Source; Soapieteasers.co.za