Linda Mtoba

has a firm career profile as an entertainer. We first met the beautiful Linda on , playing the role of Zama on the now exed soapie . She also starred in The River and many more. Linda recently left her followers’ jaws on the floor when she showed up on her timeline in a bik!ni on her vacation in Mozambique.

Bean is now two years old. Linda has always shared her difficulties with coming to terms with her body after giving birth to her daughter. Linda is now in a different place and feeling more confident with her body. She is now happy with her body and is ready for everyone to see the work she has been doing to get it.

Linda shared pictures of herself wearing a bik!ni in pink and added a great caption.

“To think I never wore bik!nis before having my beanie pie, but now I’ve worked hard to get here, and I look even better than what I did before I birthed a whole human. It’s not confidence; I look amazing. Our bodies are our bodies. We shouldn’t have to normalize them,” she said.

Linda has always opened up about her journey and insecurities she has felt past the birth of her baby.

This has created a positive self-body image for her and her followers, who have appreciated her honesty and openness. Many women go through body changes after pregnancy, and a celebrity like her sharing their struggles with whom ordinary people relate is a confidence booster.

Linda is a fashionista and a brand ambassador, so she is an influencer in her own right. She looks terrific in a bik!ni, and she feels like that as well, which is what is essential.

looks stunning at the beach. Image Credit:

More pictures on her Instagram post