South African actresses

With their careers spanning for years, one can think these actresses have always been accustomed to a life of luxury. For some actresses, that’s not the case; the notion of being rich looked far fetched from them when growing up.

It’s unbelievable that some of these actresses were discovered from the ghetto of Soweto, where they are a high rate of drug abuse and theft.

Here is a look at famous actresses from Soweto who are now millionaires in real life.

Khanyi Mbau

First on our list is the sassiest and most talented actress famous for driving the latest cars in Mzansi. Judging from her achievements and lifestyle today, one can not believe Khanyi grew up in Soweto. Before fame, Khanyi used to stay in Mofolo, Soweto, with her grandmother and mother. Her mother later moved out of Soweto, leaving Khanyi in the hands of her grandmother.

With the help of her grandmother, Khanyi discovered her talent in acting, and she made her first role on Muvhango as Doobsie. Ever since her debut in the entertainment industry, Mbau has made headlines due to her unmatched acting skills. As of 2022, Khanyi Mbau has a net worth of R15 million. Most of her fortune comes from her business empire and some from her acting career.

Harriet Manamela

Harriet Manamela is famous for killing her role as Meikie Maputla on Skeem Saam. She is one of the best actresses in Mzansi, and she has a unique way of keeping fans glued to their screens.

However, Harriet did not start famous; she has a story from rags to riches. Harriet was born and bred in Soweto, and she had to drop out of school due to poverty. Harriet, however, changed her story when she ventured into acting.

Due to her hard work and determination, she is now one of Mzanzi’s favourite actresses. Harriet has a net worth of R8 million from her acting career and other side hustles.

Famous South African actresses who are from Soweto

Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago
Lerato Kganyago: Image source @Instagram

She is famously known as mother valentine Lerato Kganyago was not born famous. Before fame, Lerato was poor, living in Soweto with her mother. Due to the hardship she faced in life, Lerato ventured into modelling and acting in search of fortune.

Well, it looks like her hardworking is paying off as she is currently one of Mzansi finest models. Besides having a successful career, Lerato is also married to a famous businessman who spoils her rotten. As of 2022, Lerato has a net worth of R144 million from her career and businesses.

Manaka Ranaka

Manaka Ranaka
Manaka Ranaka: Image source @Instagram

She is famous for killing her villain role as Lucy Diale on the long-running show  Generations The Legacy. Judging from her achievements in the entertainment industry, one cannot tell Manaka was once a ghetto girl. Manaka was born and bred in Soweto, and she was the firstborn in her family.

Her being the firstborn made her work hard to pave the way for her younger siblings. Her plan worked as the Ranaka family is now famous because of Manaka. She made a name for herself and her family at large. Manaka is also the brains behind their family reality show The Ranaka’s. From her acting career, Makaka is getting a massive fortune. As of 2022, she has a net worth of R6.2 million.

Sophie Ndaba

Sophie Ndaba
Sophie Ndaba: Image source @Instagram

Just like other actresses, Sophie grew up in Soweto. The veteran actress attended school in Zimbabwe, where her mother sent her to an orphanage to get a better education. Due to Sophie’s hardship in life, she vowed to work hard and change her life.

It was not an easy road to success for Sophie, but she didn’t give up. Now she is one of the most loved actresses in Mznasi. The actress we all love to hate has a net worth of R7.6 million.