De Small took to Twitter to rant about an ungrateful artist. ’s Twitter rant happened after DJ Stokie did a radio interview with Kaya FM. Mzansi reacted and said most certainly either overreacted or misunderstood. For some reason, the king of amapiano deleted his tweet.

De Small’s tweet

 said that some people are ungrateful. You’ll help someone else, and their thanks to you will not measure what you’ve done. He went on to say he made DJ Stokie’s album, and he practically gave him hits. did not mention the name of Stokie; the assumption came after his interview and the awareness, did work on Stokie’s album.

Kabza De Small was not happy with DJ Stokie's interview.
Kabza De Small was not happy with DJ Stokie’s interview. Image Credit: Instagram/DJStokie

Mzansi was outraged over how Kabza could rush to Twitter without fully comprehending Stokie’s interview. There is a narrative of celebrities acting holy and playing the victim most of the time. What disappointed fans are that Kabza has never been seen as that type of celebrity prior. Also, people said the Kabza misunderstanding was uncalled for. People also pushed the narrative Kabza tweeted due to gossip and not listening for himself.

Stokie’s words about Kabza

During the interview, Stokie covered a lot of information about himself and his 15-year musical journey. Stokie showed gratitude for the king of amapiano. When he first fell in love with music, he only decided to make amapiano music. Stokie praised Kabza and said he was remarkably instrumental in turning his career into success today.

DJ Stokie had an interview with Kaya FM.
DJ Stokie had an interview with Kaya FM.
Image Credit: Instagram/DJStokie

DJ Stokie showed his gratitude for many things, including his success. He also spoke about a mansion he had recently finished building. He said it’s not for the use of his private accommodation, but the use of business premises.