Sthandwa Nzuza
Sthandwa Nzuza

Sthandwa Nzuza is famously known for playing the role of Dr Mkhize in the medical series, and she slays the character. Mkhize is a woman who goes after what she wants at all costs and gets anyone out of the way. This type of resilience is one of the things she has in common with the actress who takes on the role. However, unlike Mkhize, she does not hurt others to get her way in life.

Sthandwa has been in the spotlight for quite some time now; even though she manages to appear young, she is a bit older than her fans think. The woman who enjoys sharing her day to day activities has been enjoying life a lot lately as she just got out of an abusive marriage. The actress has been expanding her business empire and working towards being one of the best entertainers.

Actress Sthandwa Nzuza’s business empire and age

In her acting career, Sthandwa was first known for her role as Friendship in the hit series eHostela. Later in the same year, she had her first lead role as Nomvula in Ifalakhe. Before that, she had minor roles in productions like Uzalo, Single Galz, My perfect family and many more.

Besides all of those roles, she also has a thriving career as a radio host, a job she has been on for several years now. Sthandwa has been part of the Ukhozi FM family for a long time and is well recognized for it as well.

Despite looking as if she is in her late twenties, the actress is actually in her late thirties and fast approaching forty. When we talk about ageing gracefully, she is a good example, and it’s all thanks to her skincare routines and young-looking face.