Lasizwe Dambuza

Entrepreneur, DJ and author  called the media personality and content creator Lasizwe an underage drinker. Zinhle and Thulasizwe Dambuza whom we all know as Lasizwe were at a Telkom event together. LaSizwe went over to sit with Zinhle with a glass in his hand, and the DJ called it underage drinking. Mind you, and the content creator is 24 years of age this year.

Zinhle came in with the punchlines. Typically we rarely ever see her comedic side, but when we do, it’s hilarious. At the event, she asked LaSizwe if his champagne was 0% or not. All that humour takes us back to when the music show Club 808 was still on eTV. Zinhle won a trophy, and her speech was so funny.

Zizo Tshwete joins the troll.

Another celebrity present at the event is the radio presenter and former Miss SA Teen Zizo Tshwete. is the CEO of the champagne brand Zizo was talking about. When  asked her if she was condoning underage drinking, the radio personality said no. Zizo also told Zinhle that people should drink responsibly, and when they do drink, they must drink Boulevard.

Lasizwe’s defence

As mentioned Lasizwe is turning 24 years old this year. He said to Zinhle, “One thing about me, you’ll find me at the bar.” Laizwe is just one of those people who are naturally very tiny. At the age of 24, he is still short and somewhat frail. He legitimately looks like a teenager hence Zinhle’s joke.

has a unique style, but her anaesthetic is feminine and tomboy. She was wearing a yellow two-piece mini skirt and blazer set at the event. She also had on a white top and white boots.


Funny enough, Lasizwe also has a mixed-gender aesthetic. He was dressed as a boy on this specific day: Khaki pants and a sleeveless top with a white t-shirt underneath.

Zizo Tshwete

Zizo is one of the most simple dressing stars of Mzansi. She prefers specific elegant and straightforward garments that are comfortable. She was wearing a loose-fitting black dress with buttons at the front. Her locks were popping.