DJ Zinhle and Lamiez Holworthy
DJ Zinhle and Lamiez Holworthy

Uncle Waffles shot to fame during lockdown when she learned how to be a Disc Jockey, and a video, while she was dancing, went viral. Her life in the spotlight has not been that long, but she has not been able to catch a break from social media trolls. 

DJ Zinhle and Lamiez Holworthy stand with Uncle Waffles after she is trolled for her dressing at shows.

Born Lungelihle Zwane, the Eswatini national, made news when American rapper Drake followed her on Instagram. The 21year old who was still starting in her career as a DJ, said she called her manager and cried as she broke the news.

The Drake news seemed to aid in her big break in the entertainment industry. Her following increased, and people started to show interest in her craft. However, this attention that Uncle Waffles started gaining came with a lot of cyberbullying and body shaming for the young star.

The DJ is known for leaving the decks and dancing for the crowd during her shows. She usually has part of her underwear which is always a thong showing over her trousers. Recently Tweeps have been on her case for showing her thong on some of her performances.  Most tweeps have been rebuking Waffles claiming that it was disgusting and immoral.

DJ Zinhle and Lamiez Holworthy stand in solidarity with Uncle Waffles

However, fellow women in the same line of work like DJ Zinhle and Lamiez Holworthy have come guns blazing to stand in solidarity with Uncle Waffles. DJ Zinhle shared her opinion using several tweets.

She addressed tweeps and told them to let the young DJ do what she wanted with her body and that her dressing doesn’t change the sound. To one tweep, she even blasted, saying that he had not paid for any of Waffles’ shows but still had a lot to say.

Lamiez Holworthy, a victim of trolling on social media, came to stand with Waffles. She asked if a dress code was for female DJs while replying to one tweep. She blasted one tweep who had suggested that Waffles’ dressing attracts rapists. Lamiez asked the troll if a woman’s dressing is reason enough for a man to rape her. The troll deleted the tweet.

Mihlali Ndamase is also one celebrity who commented on the issue. She said that South African men wanting to police Uncle Waffles’ dress code is so tired.

The females in Mzansi’s entertainment industry have been making headlines while they stood in solidarity with each other. Many fans have applauded them for showing a united front and supporting each other.