DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik

DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik can’t seem to escape the dark cloud hanging over them. These two have been on a roller coaster of life-altering changes lately.

The sexual assault case against the two DJ’s has been reportedly reinstated. The case, which involved a young woman accusing DJ Fresh and Euphonik, was dismissed last year when the National Prospecting Authority decided not to pursue prosecution due to insufficient evidence.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik, whose real names are Thato Sikwane and Themba Nkosi, respectively, have suffered career-wise, and their reputations became questionable from these allegations.

According to City Press today, the woman’s legal representatives told the client that the NPA and the police have decided to reinstate the case.

DJ Fresh "rape victim" says she has a child to prove it
DJ Fresh. Image Credit: Instagram

Madumise Pajibo, who legally represents the accuser, didn’t explain why the case was reinstated. She did say that she, together with her client, made the national police commissioner Khehla Sithole aware of these new developments.

She said they were also waiting to hear why the case was reopened because last year, the two DJ’s had taken to their social media to announce that the NPA had decided not to pursue the case.

Euphonik "fakes" apology WhatsApp text from rape complainant
DJ Euphonik. Credit: Instagram

“We’ve been very consistent; we’ve also taken this dispute with the National Public Protector. We suspect that because the Public Protector will ask questions, the police have decided to reopen the case. However, they haven’t responded to us.” Pajibo said.

The one who has accused them was pleased with these new developments and took to social media to acknowledge the reopening of the case.

“Case REOPENED! Thank you all for your support.” She wrote on her Twitter page.