Kea Khoza ‘Dineo Moeketsi’
Kea Khoza ‘Dineo Moeketsi’

It came as an absolute shock to many South Africans when they learnt that The Queen‘s Kea Khoza is a sangoma!

It seems like a reach when you look at it from afar because it shows she is nothing close to her character on television. Dineo Moeketsi was an actress on one of DSTV’s most-watched soapies, The Queen. She played the role of a girl from a wealthy family that obtains their money from drugs. She seemed to have a good on and off-screen with the Ferguson’s, the show’s owners.

But we learnt from this one that not all that is gold glitters. Last year Kea was abruptly removed from the show with her character killed out of nowhere. She later went to social media to clarify that she was indeed fired and is never returning to the show!

Rumour is that she was removed from the show because she tried to stand up for herself about something the Fergusons were doing and didn’t particularly like. But it has been said on many occasions that if you defy the Fergusons even in the slightest bit or question anything they do, you lose your job! When the Fergusons commented on this situation, they said actors die all the time in shows, and it’s not that deep.

Dineo is currently on a show on SABC 3 called The Estate as Mmakoena Molefe and is doing incredibly well for herself.

Kea Khoza from The Queen is a sangoma

Besides being a beauty queen and looking like a barbie, Dineo also has a calling. She is a sangoma alongside her husband, who is also a sangoma. She seems like a person focused on perfecting her craft and not someone who is in tune with her spiritual side.

Still, she fed us our humble pie when she revealed to the public that Dineo is a sangoma, and she is hugely proud of living up to her reality and being authentic.

But we have to give it to her, sangoma or not, she still serves! Even with the cultural sangoma attires, she looks like the beautiful Dineo who is untouchable.