Mzansi soapie actors
Mzansi soapie actors

Creative Geniuses: These Mzansi soapie actors are allowed to freestyle their roles off scripts 

Mzansi soapie industry has taken over the entertainment industry with shows like Uzalo and Gomora topping television programme viewership charts. Uzalo claims the top stop as the most viewed program on national television SABC 1. This hostile takeover wouldn’t be possible without the crème de crème of creative cast members and improved soapie storylines; we take a look at Mzansi creative geniuses who are allowed to express and freestyle their roles off the scripts.

Mzansi soapie actors allowed to freestyle their roles

Sannah Mchunu – Zodwa on Gomora

Actress Sannah Mchunu is popular for playing the role of Zodwa on Mzansi Magic telenovela Gomora. Despite having no drama-related or academic qualifications, there is no doubt that Sannah slays the Zodwa role and is irreplaceable.  Having debuted the role as an uncontrollable alcoholic and Teddy’s mother, Zodwa witnessed her son adopted by the stable Dlamini family while she gets rehabilitated. Known for speaking in broken English with her son Teddy, Gomora fans have been questioning if the words exist in the scripts. Seriti Films, the producer of Gomora, allows Sannah to freestyle her Zodwa role off script, which she aces.

Video – Zodwa and Teddy broken English scene

Themba Ndaba – Uncle Brutus on The Queen

Themba Ndaba plays the role of Uncle Brutus Khoza on The Queen. Uncle Brutus is the brother-in-law of Harriet Khoza –the role played by Connie Ferguson and the patriarch of the Khoza family. He has many children with different women; his umjolo game is on point. Ferguson Films, the producers of The Queen, reveal that Brutus always go off script and is allowed to do so.

Actress Kwanele Mthethwa who played the role of Phumeza, Uncle Brutus’ girlfriend, revealed that Uncle Brutus does have a script on The Queen but does not stick to it all.

“He does have a script, but he does not stick to it, and he is allowed to do so. Themba has a script, but he improvises a lot. He sticks to the core or the essence of what is happening, but he does it in his own words,” she says.

The actress claims that it’s challenging to shoot a scene with Uncle Brutus without you roaring into laughter.

Cebolenkosi Mthembu –  Detective Nyawo on Uzalo

Cebo Mthembu plays the character of corrupt detective Nyawo on Uzalo. Famous for his complicated vocabulary, Nyawo is nicknamed Mr Oxford. He throws unnecessary fancy and nonexistent English words of the script and is allowed by Stained Glass Productions, Uzalo producers. Being an Engineer by profession, Cebo doesn’t have any drama-related qualifications, but his talent earned him a lead role on Uzalo after being recruited as an extra.