Connie misses late husband Shona Ferguson
Connie misses late husband Shona Ferguson

This has been a hard year for the widow Connie Ferguson who lost his lovely husband. Tuesday, the 30th of November was their wedding universal. It was an emotional day for the amazing women. she had to remember everything that they have done together.

The day reminded her of his late husband Shona Ferguson whom she lost 4 months ago. Shone succumbed to the covid-19 issue on July 30.

This was supposed to be their 20th universal but she had to celebrate it all alone. In order for her to show the way she was feeling on this day, she shared their wedding pictures. They got married in 2001, Connie decided to post their pictures on Instagram.

She told the fans that she is not OK even though she is acting strong. She is missing her husband a lot lately nothing is making her feel better. She is a woman who believes in God so she is trusting him with her pain.

The message Connie left for his late husband

“This day 20 years ago. Four months without you Sho, Today I’m not OK”, she wrote The last weekend was so hard for Connie Ferguson as she couldn’t even go and collect the award. Her first daughter actress Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson went to collect it on behalf of her mother. This award came after GQ SA paid tribute to Shona at the annual Men Of The Year. Her sharing pictures of her husband reminded people that she is still hurting inside. At the award ceremony, her daughter expressed her said feelings on how losing her father affected her life.

The message that Connie’s first daughter left for his father

“I cherished it better when you were our gem in this world; at least I could peste you on if you didn’t eat anything or find you sitting weirdly on the couch, or hook you up on everything MCU-related.  The more time that revine, the more I feel like I left too many things unspoken. The more I question whether I revealed my love for you enough, and grief the hugs I didn’t give or take, Lesedi wrote. She is still in a lot of pain and you can imagine what her mother is truly going through at the moment.

Connie is still proud of his husband even though he is no longer in this world. Their relationship has been a beautiful thing to this world. They worked together as a couple until their last day where one of them left this world. Ever since Shona left this world lot of the media industry has been appreciating him. He has won a lot of awards in the past 4 months and his children and her wife are proud of him.