Gadaffi ‘Vuyo Dabula’ leaves Generations The Legacy

Generations: The Legacy has fast become one of Mzansi’s finest. With a viewership flagship of more than 6 million. No doubt every actor dream to feature along with the star-studded cast of the series. However, it seems as if the drama series has been having a mass exodus of actors of late in the mix of things.

A few months ago, Generations lost several cast members, the likes of Tau character played by Rapulana and the mighty Jack Mabaso character played by veteran actor Vusi Kunene.

In the wake of their exits Vuyo Dabula, who plays the role of Gadaffi on SABC1 soapie Generations: The Legacy, also dumped the drama series.

However, the seasoned actor pulled a shocker when he returned in the mix of things. However, it seems as if his return has been short-lived after he confirmed that he was no longer part of The Generations cast.

Actor Gadaffi ‘Vuyo Dabula’ finally bows out of Generations: The Legacy

Rumour mill has it that his first exit came in the backdrop of Queen Sono gig. Close sources show that the seasoned actor opted for his lead role Queen Sono over Generations. However, he was forced to return to Generations after Queen Sono season two was cancelled.

In a turn of events, the seasoned actor has finally opened up on his exit from the show again. Taking it to Instagram, Dabula revealed that he has since left the show for other projects. The actor revealed that he left the drama series two years ago, and the scenes being aired are prerecorded.

However, his exit comes as a shocker after the drama series and Dabula reunited a few months ago. Rumour has it that the actor left the drama series after a fallout with the showrunners. Unconfirmed reports have it that the seasoned actor demanded a salary increment despite dumping the drama series on several occasions.

The showrunners declined his proposal because he is always coming back and forth without any agreements. To make matters worse, he has been trending for the wrong reasons of late. The actor recently hogged the headlines after his fellow transgender lover took a swipe on him. The daring allegations saw him cleaning up the mess and his image after Mzansi threatened to cancel him.