Khuli Robert

The death of Khuli Roberts still has everyone shocked. Days later, the entertainment industry is still wondering what could have happened to her to get a little closure.

Nyaniso Bhengu, who was Roberts’s best friend, has shed some light on what took place on Lulu’s death. However, Nyaniso said that Kuli suffered a seizure. Nyaniso noted that the autopsy would give all the details, however.

He said that Kuli called him on the night while she was in the studio and when they started to do her makeup, she said she would talk to him later.

He said that he received a call later on after the phone call telling him that she was suffering a seizure, and he hurried there with another relative of Khuli Roberts.

“She doesn’t have any condition.’ I told them I was on my way, but they told me not to panic because the paramedics have it all under control.”

Causes of Khuli Robert’s death revealed

Nyaniso says, but as they walked in, he could see that a cloth was laid down on the floor, and that’s when they were told that efforts to resuscitate her were futile.

The news of Kuli Roberts death shocked so many celebrities, and they have flooded social media to share the fond memories they had of the rounder entertainer.

Letoya Makhene spoke about Kuli Roberts and how close they were. She said Kuli had been feeling so alone and that her love on social media is ironic.

Skhumba also took to his social media to share a video of himself with Kuli Roberts and Bob Mabena while still doing the breakfast show at Kaya FM. The footage is fond of them laughing at a joke Skhumba was telling.

As we all know, Bob Mabena also passed away in 2020 and left the industry in shock, just like Kuli. Skhumba then said that Kuli and Bob fondly told him not to come back to the studio.