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Cassper Nyovest Drops Plans to Build a School and Some Feel It’s a Little Ironic

Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest has plans to help educate the youth, even though he himself never actually finished school

A fan asked Cassper about finishing school and it was in his response that Cass put out his dream to build a school.

Many feel this to be a little ironic, however, peeps are hoping that Cassper can make this a reality as it will benefit many.

It is no secret that Cassper Nyovest never finished school and that he does not see the big issue about it, however, it seems he does see the overall importance of education.

When asked by a fan recently whether he would ever finish school, Cassper plainly declined, stating that he might build one though, reported SAHipHopMag. Oh, the irony.

Cassper responded:

“Nah but I plan to build one.”

Cassper’s response stirred a lot of different opinions. Some feel it is a little ironic as Cassper did not finish school and always defends the fact when questioned about it, on the other hand, most fans are loving the idea.

@Blaxtremiss made a point:

“Cassper should be an inspiration to people who don’t see education working out for them. Not an inspiration for people to drop school and hustle. We are destined for different paths. He plans to build schools cause he knows education is important. I love this initiative honestly.”

@MuzMore defended Cassper:

“Besides informal learning has proved to have more impact that formal learning it is not a coincidence that professors are not the wealthiest crop in the universe but dropouts are. But to qualify my view not everyone myself included are meant for an informal approach of learning.”


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