Bontle Rampa

In January 2021, Bontle Rampa landed the role of the bubbly and goal-getter front desk help of MMC in Muvhango, and that role made her a household name. Her character portrays a 28-year-old who is driven and wants to do anything that she possibly can to get richer. She uses her position to her advantage. However, the actress in real life is older than her character portrays as and is more mature than in her Television role.

Bubbles had information about Kgosi’s bank account balance shared with her. Then she found room to try and make money using the unsuspecting Kgosi. She faked having a problem with her mother’s health and needed help with the treatment and medication.

She almost got away with it before Kgosi was warned that she was just a lying parasite. After that, the two do not see eye to eye after Kgosi asked for his money back with interest. Bubbles are dragging her feet with paying what she owes back.

However, Bontle is the opposite of the conniving Bubbles in real life. Bontle is a devoted Christian with her faith in the Catholic church, which she is open about. She is someone who enjoys giving back to the community and can not stand seeing other people suffer. Bontle opened up about joining the Chiro Youth Movement when she was only 21. She was happy because she made up for the time she couldn’t not attend church because she could not afford the taxi fare.

Muvhango actress Bontle Rampa’s age stuns Mzansi.

Besides the difference in characters between Bubbles and Bontle, their age gap is also significant as the actress is older than her character. While the character she portrays is 28 years old, and she nails it because of her youthful looks. Bontle is 36 years old in real life, which came as a shock to her fans. The actress is a mother of two, and she loves her children, who she shows off on her socials.

Bontle auditioned for Ituemeleng Mokwena, but she did not get it and got called back for the role of Bubbles three months after the auditions. The actress who had been a model to kick off her career in the entertainment industry says this role was a dream come true for her.