Bonang Matheba

South African media personality cum businesswoman Bonang Matheba has opened up on why she has been silent on social media for a while now after a curious fan asked her why she has been missing in action.

The house of BNG star revealed that she’s been lowkey on social media due to an ongoing funeral in her family.

Well, Bonang didn’t reveal who they are mourning in their family, but some weeks ago her cousin Pinky girl took to her Twitter account to announce the death of their grandma.

Bonang recently took to her Instagram account to announce that her House Of BNG range has now cross borders and is now available in Namibia.

In an interview with Eye Witness News, the media personality revealed it took her a while to produce her own wine. Still, when she got the opportunity, she knew it was her chance to create a remarkable success story.

“The House of BNG has been a passion project of mine for a long time. It’s no secret that champagne is my favourite drink, so getting the chance to make my own MCC was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on,” she said.

She further explained why she wanted to launch an MCC: “We have some of the world’s best grapes here in South Africa, and so I decided to make a Méthode Cap Classique wine – which is made in the same way as champagne but using Cape grapes. This is my love letter to Africa, and I’m excited to introduce it to the world.”