Amanda du-Pont

Ex Skeem Saam actress Amanda du-Pont shared she has had plastic surgery while on her trip abroad. Amanda announced that her trip abroad was due to a scheduled chest augmentation operation.

It only takes a few clicks into Amanda du-Points social media to see that she loves to go to the gym.
She has been sharing her healthy living journey for a long time now.

Her workout procedures are intense and strenuous. These demanding and strenuous workout sessions are why she has had to undergo an operation to augment her chest.

Amanda explained in a lengthy post on her page that due to her very intense fitness training, she lost a lot of fat and gained more muscle, and because of that, she lost most of the tissue on her chest, which made her very self-conscious.

Amanda du-Pont before her plastic surgery
Amanda du-Pont before her plastic surgery. Image: Amanda du-Pont/Instagram

As we all know, Amanda is an actress and a model, industries that make their money through looks.
Many thought Amanda had gone on a holiday abroad, but she revealed something different to us.

Amanda posted pictures of herself about to go through her surgery. She encouraged her followers to ask any questions they might have about the process she has gone through.

Amanda shared a video of herself going through her recovery and explained that she feels pain from her surgery.

A few of her celebrity friends wished her well and a speedy recovery. As a show of support, from the pictures and her comments, it appears Ananda is in Turkey. That is where she has done the procedure.

Amanda du-Pont after the chest lift up

Amanda Du-Pont after the chest lift up
Amanda Du-Pont after the chest lift up. Credit: Amanda Du-pont/Instagram

Amanda du Point is one of the most celebrated stars in South Africa. She is mainly known for her portrayal of Lelo Mthiyane in the popular soapie drama Skeem Saam.

One of the celebrities who wished her well was Boity Thulo, who simply wrote “get well soon” with fire emojis.

Amanda is seen encouraging body positivity to her followers, who wanted to know more about the motivation behind doing the surgery, telling them it’s worth it to invest in themselves.

Amanda promised to share the outcome of her surgery and her journey soon with her followers.