ARMSCOR Bursary 2022

ARMSCOR Bursary 2022. Being able to study in the university is a great opportunity for the people. Studying in university can open up a new chance for having a better career and life. It is due to the fact that studying in the university gives many things to learn.

The students can improve their skills and knowledge. Therefore, studying in university is a dream for many people. However, the students who are from a poor families may not be able to go to the university. Why? Their family cannot afford to pay the tuition fee and other expenses during their time in the university.

This condition is the main problem for some developed countries including South Africa. Therefore, the government and company in South Africa set the regulation about bursaries for the poor students who have the potential to study in the university for free. The bursary program is called as ARMSCOR Bursary.

Each bursary has different regulations about the requirement, coverage, term, and condition of bursary. Therefore, the students who want to continue their studies in the university by using bursaries need to read well about the bursary. They may need to prepare several things before applying for the bursary. So, the applicants have a better chance to get the bursary.

Bursary to Study in Defense Industry. 

South Africa is a developed country that has a wide area. It consists of many provinces and districts. Therefore, to make sure the safety of the country, the government create the defense industry to supply the army of the country. One of the biggest companies that support the defense industry in South Africa is Armaments Corporation.

This company is also known as ARMSCOR. This corporation has been established in South Africa since 1968 and offers many things to support the defense industry. Well, this corporation also provides the bursary for those who are interested in working in the defense industry. By using this bursary, South African citizens have a chance to pursue their careers in the defense industry since it has a wide range of works. 

Well, this bursary is mainly focused to provide financial support in the engineering and science sector. However, this sector consists of several fields of study such as Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Human Kinetics, Ergonomics Science, Information Technology, Material Science, Marine Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, Naval Engineering, and Physics.

Knowing the Facility of Bursary. 

The applicants who want to apply for the bursary need to know the facility of the bursary. It should be done since they need to adjust the cost for studying in the university with the coverage of the bursary. Well, the bursary of the ARMSCOR bursary programs offers some coverage that will be given to the recipients.

The first one is the tuition fee. It means that the recipients don’t need to pay any cost to the university during their time of studying in the university. The amount of tuition fee will be differentiated based on the condition of each study program. Another facility of this bursary is the accommodation fee for the recipients. They can rent a dormitory inside or outside the campus for free since the bursary will cover it. 

They can study properly without worrying about the accommodation fee. The bursary also gives coverage for the meals expenses. The recipient can eat properly during their time in studying in the university. The recipients who need the prescribed books also can use the money for the bursary. It is because the bursary also covers the prescribed books.

Moreover, the recipient who needs to attend the local conference in South Africa also can get the financial support of the bursary program. They also can attend laboratory visits and workshops that are related to their project. Those facilities show that ARMSCOR Bursary is one of the best bursaries for South African citizens.


What are the Requirements of ARMSCOR Bursary 2022. 

In order to get a higher chance to be accepted as the recipient of bursaries, the applicants need to know the requirements. The bursary of ARMSCOR has set the regulation about the requirement of the bursary. The first one is the applicants should be a citizen of South Africa. Foreign students are not allowed to apply for this bursary. Moreover, the students also need to show strong academic performance. It is because the selected study programs require a lot of critical thinking and wide knowledge. The applicants also need to achieve level 5, 6, or 7 for the Mathematics, English and Physical in Matric. Well, the applicants also should choose one of the available study programs provided by the bursary. The applicants also need to make sure that the chosen university is recognized in South Africa. Otherwise, their application will be eliminated in the selection process. This bursary also gives more preference to the students who are from poor families. The students that need financial support will get more access to be the recipient of this bursary. You can see more information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

Following the Process of Bursary Admission. 

ARMSCOR Bursary has set the regulation about bursary admission. The applicants need to follow the process to be considered as one of the candidates for the bursary.

The first thing to do is submit all the documents to the committee of the bursary. The documents that should be submitted are ID Document of the applicants with its certified copy, ID Documents of the parents or guardian with its certified documents, the certificate of the completed Matrix along with its certified copy, the document of university registration or letter of acceptance, a fee of statement for the applicants who are in the tertiary level, and the motivational letter that can show the willingness and description of the applicant.

The applicants may also submit the death certificate if one or all their parents are passed away. After completing all the documents, the applicants have to send them to the committee member. They can send it to the email at the address of

The thing that should be noticed by the applicants is the deadline of the bursary. If they are late in sending the documents, the application will be canceled.