Nomkhosi Mthembu from Umkhokha’s age
Nomkhosi Mthembu

Angel Zuma may be the queen of getting controversial roles, and she slays them. She was given the part of the seductive Zethu whose goal was to tempt Mbatha in Uzalo, and she became a fan favourite instantly. Now she is known as one of the actresses in the faith-based drama series Umkhokha. Nomkhosi Mthembu from Umkhokha’s age gets Mzansi talking.

Angel Zuma has her foot in a lot of things in the entertainment industry. The actress is focused on acting and television, but she is also a singer that specializes in Gospel music.

She is part of a choir from her hometown. Angel’s goal in life is to someday work with legends in the gospel music industry like Benjamin Dube.

The actress has also mastered the art of makeup. She owns a makeup studio called Touched by an Angel Zuma. Angel does all kinds of makeup, from beauty makeup to cinematic makeup. She has an Instagram page that shows off the work that she has done in the past.

Angel Zuma’s real age surprises fans

Angel Zuma first rose to fame when she landed the role of Zethu in Uzalo. She was cast as the young girl with an angelic voice whose mission was to seduce Pastor Mbatha. She pulled out all sorts of stunts to tempt the Pastor. Zethu would go to his office in the guise of discussing the choir’s issues and seduce him. She gave the Pastor’s wife Ma’Dongwe sleepless nights after she left her thong in Mbatha’s pocket for her to find.

Currently, the actress is playing the role of Nomkhosi Mthembu, who is married to Khulekani. She uses her seductions to try and get Siphamandla, her brother in law in bed. It has been revealed in a dream that the child she has is not her husband’s, and she has a 6-year-old son. Her goal is to get her brother in law who is now the church leader, in her bed and end up with him.

On-screen, she is portraying the role of someone in her late twenties or thirties, and she even looks the part when she goes on-screen. However, in real life, Angel is way younger than her character. She was born in 1999, which makes her 22 years old as of June this year. Fans have agreed that she looks older than she is in real life.