Bathroom Photoshoot of Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi, whom we know as Dj Sithelo, Andile Mpisane’s baby mama and her chosen nickname The Mayor, is back on social media. The Dj went back to Instagram and Twitter to alert fans she’s alive and kicking, also very eager to devour the new year.

Sithelo wore a beautiful blue bodycon mini dress with black contrasts perfect for nightwear, and she wore it with a pair of black heel slippers fit for a queen. The outfit was comfortable and perfect for a night like this.

The DJ spent the night with a close circle of friends, and they had a club themed photoshoot in the bathroom. She took a picture in the bathtub and another shot with her squad. The photo was blurry and had the illusion of crazy nightlife for youngsters.

DJ Sithelo’s social media break

After the father of her two children married another woman instead of her, Sithelo underwent social media bullying from some people. People told Sithelo that Andile leaving her to marry another was karma, of course, for how she had a baby with a married man. People reminded her how that pregnancy was the grave of that marriage.

Protecting one’s mental health is vital, and with all the emotions she could’ve been going through, she didn’t need to hear that her pain was karma. She decided to not be active on both her Twitter and Instagram.

Feelings towards Andile

Sithelo and Andile are tied for life as they will be co-parenting, just until their children are old enough to be independent. After Andile’s surprise wedding to Tamia Mpisane, Sithelo unfollowed Andile and his mother, Shauwn Mkhize. Andile has also unfollowed Sithelo to maintain peace with his wife, Tamia.

Sithelo Shozi’s strong comeback.

Sithelo tweeted, “Kusezo Kanye West.” Those words are slang for, “A lot is coming, I’m going to flourish.” We aren’t sure what she was referring to, but it was a very bold and powerful statement from The Mayor.

Check out her pictures below: