Letoya Makhene
Letoya Makhene

In 2020 Generations, actress Tshidi Moroka, the character played by Letoya Makhene, made all sorts of headlines when she revealed that she was lesbian. No doubt, Mzansi was fascinated by the story despite her being associated with men before.

We can all agree of late; she has fast become one of Mzansi’s finest when it comes to small screens. Her Generations character has seen her making all sorts of headlines of late.

Off-screen, she has been serving Mzansi with couples goals, and Mzansi is more than impressed. In the wake of her newfound relationship Mzansi has been wondering who is the father to Letoya kids.

Despite keeping her private life under wraps, it seems shocking that she once married to Zimbabwean boyfriend. The actress was married to a Zimbabwean national named Privilege Mangezi, and their affair spanned for nine years before they called it quits. From the affair, they had three children Nubia, Tadiwa and Tamuda. According to the seasoned actress, everything was picture perfect, and they were always loved until Mangezi lost his job.

Tshidi Moroka ‘Letoya Makhene’ from Generations failed marriages

Letoya has it that their affair turned south when Mangezi lost his job due to immigration issues, and things worsened when he started frustrating Letoya because of his financial woes.

Mangezi began to fail to take care of the family, and insecurities came into play. The actress was once assaulted whilst having a counselling session with one of his clients. After a series of abuse, Letoya called it quits and went on for divorce.

However, little is known about her whereabouts if he is still in South Africa or has left the country. In the wake of her divorce with she found love in the arms of Tshepo Leeuw. Rumour has it that they started dating around in 2016, and well, the actress only introduced him to South Africa in 2017.

In 2019 she revealed that she was pregnant and a baby was and the wedding too. But things went south, and the two went for a splitsville. In 2020 she hogged all sorts of headlines when she revealed that she was now dating Lebo Kwesa. Since then, the two have been together and are proving to be that Mzansi power couple we all love to hate.